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We are dedicated to help your business leverage on IT solutions to bring your business to the next level. Whether it is telemarketing, technical support, IT consulting, website/application development, digital marketing or quality monitoring, our team of expert professionals works towards maximizing your ROI.

เพศ หญิง และชาย
ความรับผิดชอบ ลักษณะงาน
- Develop a system capable of working with Mobile and Tablet as requested.
- Develop applications based on technical/functional design documents and maintain applications.
- Coordinate with Development Team and Designer to implement project.
- Modify and improve to be highly efficient as planned with the team.
- Seek and acquire new knowledge and technique to apply in adjusting and improving the system.
- Very skillful in communication and coordination.
- Knowledge in OOP, Design Pattern: MVC, MVVM would be advantageous.
- Very fluent in working on various types of Library together with applications such as AlamoFire, and SwiftlyJSON, for examples.
- Good Knowledge of RESTful or SOAP in connecting with the Web Service.
- Able to use Auto Layout in designing a View page on an application.
- Able to work in a teamwork environment.
- Bachelor/Master Degree in IT/ Engineer/Computer Science or related fields. Experience on the following lists will be an advantage
- Application Development on iOS or Android React Native/ReactJS Integrate mobile applications with web services (REST HTTP POST/GET), using SQLite and JSON, XML
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
- Excellent problem-solving skills
- Good team player, fast-learner, self-motivated with a can-do attitude
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