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We are dedicated to help your business leverage on IT solutions to bring your business to the next level. Whether it is telemarketing, technical support, IT consulting, website/application development, digital marketing or quality monitoring, our team of expert professionals works towards maximizing your ROI.

เพศ หญิง และชาย
ความรับผิดชอบ ลักษณะงาน
- Solid Javascript fundamentals. Ability to reason and write well-organized, performant and extendable code.
- Experience in integrating with API backends. Knowledge of request-response cycle.
- Worked on non-trivial Javascript/Typescript applications, ideally been part of teams that shipped large projects in VueJS, ReactJS or Svelte
- Hava a reasonable grasp of componentization, build tooling and performance profiling
- Good understanding of DOM. Working knowledge of HTML and CSS
- Clear and precise written communication. A large part of our team works remotely and it’s vital that you are able to document ideas, progress and problems with clarity so everyone can work asynchronously.
- You must be happy to work independently (remote welcome) and be able to structure timelines, take ownership and responsibility and communicate clearly.
- We’re looking for people with under 6 years’ experience – fresh graduates welcome too.
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